Busy Week

3 09 2010


I have really been slacking on the blog front. I guess school, work, and trying to keep a bf will do that to you. These past two days I’ve only had a little homework, so I have gotten to kind of be lazy; and its awesome 🙂

On Wednesday I went to Buzzard Billy’s right by my apartment and got some red beans and rice (vegetarian) and corn on the cob. I only ate about half of the enormous serving.

For desert we shared 2 scoops from Ivanna Cone (which makes their own icecream!! The smell in there is amazing). We got kiwi & strawberry sherbet + dutch chocolate. YUM!

Thursday I had 2 early classes, but then I had a break before chemistry recitation so I set out for a 6m tempo run. Even though it was a little cold and rainy, this run was awesome!

1m warm-up

4m @ 840

1m cool-down

I was even nearing the 815 marks a couple times when I looked down at my garmin 🙂

I didn’t have time to lift, but did a few side raises, push press, and abs.

This morning I woke up to the sound of construction and a rumbling stomach. I made a SIAB and it was pretty tasty. Into the blender went:

1 frozen banana

frozen blueberries


1/2 cup each almond milk/skim milk

After it was poured into the bowl I added 1/4 cup each of KASHI goLean + cheerios. I also had a heaping spoonful of PB (1 tablespoon).

Along with my SIAB I enjoyed a grapefruit. (per usual)

Borrowed picture (but basically my ingredients)

Today I have Chemistry lecture, Fitness (where we are lifting!), and Nutrition class. I’m biking to east today, and have to bust it back in order to be able to leave my apartment by 1235 to make work at one. It’ll be interesting. Tonight I have to try and find a decent parking spot downtown (on a friday night) since I’m kicked out of my parking garage for the husker game tomorrow..until noon on sunday. ERG! But oh well, I got an 11 miler in the AM on saturday 🙂

Have a great friday everyone!




4 responses

3 09 2010

You certainly sound busy! It’s so hard to keep a good blogging schedule, huh?

3 09 2010
Lizz @ Leading the Good Life

Good to know you can find something vegetarian at Buzzard Billy’s! I’m not very familiar with Lincoln’s restaurant scene, and I like to have an idea of veg-friendly places for when I’m in town. And Ivanna Cone is great! If you’re ever in Omaha you should check out eCreamery in Dundee or Ted & Wally’s in the Old Market for great homemade ice cream.

3 09 2010

yeah, it was the only thing on the menu..i had to leave out the sausage though! and, i’ll be up in omaha for the half marathon in a couple weeks, i will def. try and give it a try!

3 09 2010

yeah. just a little 😉

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