Labor Day bike ride

6 09 2010

Well. That was one WINDY bike ride. I think at one point I was trying to move and not making it anywhere. But, oh well; I got my 20 miles in.

I did 20.6 in 1:45. Average speed was 12 mph. Not to fast, but that wind was killer. I managed to connect with like three different trails while biking, and never did make it to Holmes Lake which was the original plan. I also saw a family of Amish bikers (dresses and all) that pretty much made my morning. 🙂

bike ride from Garmin

Once back I showered and made some lunch. I burned over 900 calories, so I was just a little hungry. I made a tasting plate, a GM, and had some coffee. GM contained:

1 frozen banana

1/2 cup frozen blueberries


1 cup Almond milk

1/4 cup Skim milk

Tasting plate included:

2 carrots

sugar snap peas

Laughing cow wedge

green grapes

small red potato

All in all YUMMY! For desert I had three small dates 🙂

I”m off to study, maybe lift a little, then head to work. Have a great rest of the day everyone!




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