North of 5

8 09 2010


My blogging has become non-existent 😦

School is now in pick-up mode, or as my journalism teacher would say “I am north of 5 in stress levels.” One word: Chemistry.

Our first test is next THURSDAY, and I can already feel the effects of freak out mode. This weekend= work, studying, studying, 5m race, studying, studying, kayak polo, family dinner, shopping? It’s going to suck 😦

Today my eats were all over the place, but I did fit in a 3.1 mile run with the bf (he ran 2) and then made a pretty killer salad at his house. I had:

alpha sprouts







Korn chicken (which is actually really good!)

For desert I had an orange. (no pictures, sorry!) But, I will leave you with a silly picture me and the bf took. We were bored. Even though I SHOULD of been studying.

Tomorrow’s a rest day, and a studying day. Have a great Thursday everyone!




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