CSN stores brew’n’go coffee maker review

18 09 2010

Morning bloggies!!

This morning I took off early to get 11 miles in before it started to rain. Lets just say this wasn’t the best run I’ve ever had, but I did it. Afterwards I was more than ready to warm up with some coffee, which I am super excited about now that I have a brand new coffee maker thanks to CSN store 🙂

I was asked to do a review about a product (of my choice) from the CSN stores. It took me literally a day to decide want to pick with all of the options on their websites. But, seeing as I love coffee, and only need a pot big enough for me, once I spotted the Brew’N’Go my decision was made up.

This coffee pot is amazing and so easy to use! All I had to do once opening the box was take off the wrapping, put in some coffee grounds and press go. I love simplicity and this was perfect for me.

The Brew’N’Go also came with a coffee mug made of stainless steel that keeps your coffee warm for a couple of hours, with a handy to go lid for those mornings when your running late.

Once you have the Brew’N’Go all set up just pour your grounds in the reusuable filter (that is SUPER easy to clean, and never requires buying filters ever again). You should use 2-2.5 tablespoons for some really good coffee 🙂

Once you have your water poured in (there is even a fill line for those of us who never know exactly how much water to use) you turn it on and wait for the coffee to brew. Which takes a little less than 10 minutes.

Once coffee is brewed, wait just a couple minutes to drink, it will be pretty hot! But, don’t worry it will taste amazing. The Brew’N’Go also will turn off automatically once the brewing is done. Now, cleaning is super simple. Just dump the coffee grounds, rinse out the filter and tada your done! Now go enjoy your coffee; I know I did!

I’m so happy CSN stores contacted me and can’t wait to enjoy nice, hot coffee every morning. It also will brew hot water for tea, soups, or oatmeal. Definetely give the Brew’N’Go a thought when looking for your next one pot of coffee maker.

Have a happy weekend everyone 🙂




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