Well..hello there :)

23 09 2010


I have one busy sister!! My day’s have been going from 545 am till 8 pm most days this week. I am SO ready for this weekend.

Tonight I mastered two journalism papers, statistics, and am about to get started on chemistry. Fun fun. I did do something productive today though:

6 miles on the dreadmill

10 minutes free weights

I also helped set up a D-1 pre practice (which takes an hour + and LOTS of people) and got BOTH my bikes fixed. Thanks to the bf of course.

Tomorrow all I have is three classes, a short  run, and then some homework before the weekend. I’m heading to Omaha this weekend for the half marathon so I’ll be staying with my friend. I’m very excited to get away 🙂

Hoping to resume normal blogging once my life slows down, which looks like that won’t be happening until…christmas!?!? Hoping to have a Omaha half sub 2 hour this weekend. Here’s to luck! Have a good night everyone!!




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