Nurse Laura

25 09 2010

Evening! Or should I say morning??

Tonight I had to baby my bf since he was feeling sick. Apparently he puked at work so he was sent home early, and end came me to baby him all night. Although I must admit I did a horrible job.

Once I came over I ran a quick 3 miles in 27 minutes to get some milage in for the day. Don’t think I will run tomorrow so I can keep my legs fresh for the Omaha Half on Sunday, but we’ll see.

For dinner I had a bowl of Shredded wheat with maple syrup and 2% milk. Its been a LONG time since I”ve had cows milk; it does not agree with me. Nut or soy milk all the way from now on :/.

Once I got home (to my parents for the night since I’m heading up to Omaha in the morning to stay with a friend and downtown will be a madhouse tomorrow with the game) I made a fruit bowl that absolutely hit the spot 🙂

Backing up to lunch today I made a big ole salad with an orange + chocolate PB for desert x2. It was that good. Salad contained a bunch of veggeis, hummus, laughing cow cheese, tofu, soynuts, and Kashi crackers.

I also had a staff meeting for my internship with Husker Performance (aka sports dieticians) where we learned all about vitamin D and omega-3’s. Basically I might end up taking some vitamin D supplementation to help my running. But we will see?! I am getting just a wee bit sleepy, BUT I have one question (to any, any at all readers):

I’d like to start swimming again once the half is over. What is the best way to ease into swimming again after like a month break? My form is HORRIBLE so any tips would be appreciated!!

Night bloggers 🙂




2 responses

25 09 2010
Amber from Girl with the Red Hair

Maybe join a swim team or take some lessons to work on your form? I used to be a swim instructor and having bad form/doing the stroke improperly saps SO much energy!

27 09 2010

Yeah, I really need to! I tried taking lessons last year, but the instructor was kind of a creeper…but maybe i’ll try again

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