Omaha Half-Marathon

27 09 2010

On Sunday I ran my first “official” half-marathon. I’ve run 13 times probably a dozen times before, but never done a half-marathon road race. Well, now I have! And I got to tell you, I might just like them better than marathons. You don’t feel as accomplished afterwards, but you can walk properly; which is always a plus 🙂

Me and my friend tom (running for krystal)

(that is a REALLY bad picture of me, wow)

I was supposed to run this race with a girlfriend of mine (her first too!) but she broke her foot, so my friend (whos a girl) suddenly became my running buddy (who’s a boy) but no one noticed (he just wore her bib) so it was all good! Was really nice to run with someone though, and he helped me get my goal of sub-2hrs. 1:54 to be exact 🙂 Here’s the stats from my garmin:

Our average pace was pretty fast (for me) and its weird that our first mile was so SLOW comparatively. Definitely some negative splits going on. I didn’t feel that great around mile 7, and mile 8-9 was one GIANT hill. After that the rest was pretty downhill and I caught my second wind.

Pre-race I had a Clif bar toffee peanut butter (new flavor!!) and 2 bananas. Best pre-race breakfast ever. During the race I just drank water and one swig of gatorade.

Here’s the course map. Finished by the Missouri River, which was so pretty. Loved it!

And, here is the elavation graph. You can probably guess where the killer hill was. I think I even shouted “Holy mother trucker” when it was done 🙂

All in all, I had a really good time and can’t wait for more half-marathons in my future. Maybe the 50 halfs in 50 states??! During the race I met a guy who has ran 269 marathons in 14 years. I was super impressed. Way to go mystery guy!!

Today was a cardio rest day, but I did lift during fitness class. I ate way too much too. 😦 I’m off to finish homework, and hopefully get some sleep. My eye has been twitching like crazy and that usually equals sleep deprivation.

Have a great night everyone!!




5 responses

27 09 2010

Way to go on the sub 2 half!!

28 09 2010

thank you!!!

27 09 2010

Awesome job for your first half! I like the distance more than the full. I was cheering for my bf (running the full) around mile 6 and 10/14 and the finish. I had another friend running the half and he finished just a minute in front of you.

28 09 2010

thanks! oh really? thats awesome that he did the full. Those hills were killer lol.

28 09 2010

I had been hearing about the hills for ages during his training. It isn’t as hilly where we are in St. Louis.

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