29 09 2010

To say I’m am extermely tired would be an understatement. I am pooped. For the past week I’ve probably averaged 4-5 hours of sleep. Throw in  a half-marathon, plus some other miles, I need SLEEP.

Today I got up at 5:40 to head over to the stadium for my internship. I got to sleep in a whole 20 extra minutes because there was no football lifting today, but I still managed to wake up at 4 looking at the clock every ten minutes 😦

When I first got up I had a grapefruit. At the landing I set everything up and then snacked on some nut blends..and snacked…and snacked. AHHH I have a problem of mindless munching. HELP!!

For “breakfast” you could call it I had a banana + some nuts and dried fruit.

Then I went from Chemistry (fell asleep) personal training class (weight lifted) biked to east campus where I refueld with an apple + PB whey bar
biked back to city then headed to Juice Stop for a veggie blend, orange, and mini-cliff bar

then headed to Journalism class. Now I’m back at the ole apartment where I made myself a snacking plate with:

snap peas

almond butter (1.5 tbsp)


triscuits + Kashi crackers


homemade applesauce

Going to let that digest then going for a run, and taking my bike in to fix the tire because its got a hole or rip or something.

Have a great night everyone!

PS a wasp just flew in my apartment. I think that means we need screens. Pronto.




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