New Products

4 10 2010


Well, I’ve already worked for 2 hours at my internship this morning, but had to come change quick before school because once again I spilled milk on my feet. And, no I didn’t cry.

My breakfast was eaten in two’s today and hopefully will keep me fuel until Journalism @ 1230. Part one was:

grapefruit, Clif bar, 1/2 banana

Part two:

watermelon, Great Harvest Dakota bread w/ 1/2 tbsp. PB2 + honey


This weekend I actually squeezed in a solid 10 miler that took 1.5 hours, but failed to run yesterday because of work + laundry (and a bf).

But…here’s some new products I bought this weekend:



Pineapple Chobani

Amazing Grass meal (chocolate)

I was in foodie product heaven. ALL were amazing 🙂 I also got some Dakota + Whole wheat Great Harvest bread from a coupon I got at the Omaha Half.

Well, I”m off to Chemistry, Fitness, Nutrition, Journalism, and then work. Have a great day everyone 🙂




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