8 10 2010

Seems like a pretty vague title huh? But, to me running isn’t a verb, its a thing; its becoming my best friend.

While on my run today (how ironic right?) I was thinking to myself, I am so far from your “average” college kid. Here’s why:

I’d rather run than drink beer (I’ve never even drank)

I’d rather suffer through 26.2 miles than suffer through a hangover

I could talk about running for hours, but only last a minute on college football

I love reading Runner’s World not Vogue

You get the idea: I”m abnormal.

Running has become my best friend you could say. Getting me out of late night parties (I have a long run in the morning) Letting me feel o.k. for staying in because my “legs” hurt. Running has saved me, you could say, by letting me have an excuse for my lack of social surroundings.

I came to college with hopes and dreams of best friends, a new clique and a new lifestyle. I got none of those. Instead, I was shunned by my floor and led to hiding away online, searching for ways to escape. I found running, and from there the rest was history. From the moment I signed up for the Governors Cup 15k, my life was changing. I was going to throw myself into running like never before. It couldn’t abandon me right? I mean, its a verb, its not a person; it doesn’t have thoughts or feelings. Running has become something I live for, something to live by. It has become me. Maybe its why I have about oh, Zero girlfriends, and why I live with a guy I can’t stand simply because the rent is cheap. Has it taken away some of my life? Probably. Do I regret it? No. Never.

I want to be a runner for life. But, does that mean I need to make sacrifices? Am I just in the wrong state (Nebraska runners help me out!!)

All I know is that right now, I’m running in circles, and I need someone to straighten me out.




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8 10 2010

I hope you’re living with a roommate and not your boyfriend! It can be hard to meet people and develop close friendships. This post shows that you understand how you use running to wall yourself in.

My only advice is to open yourself up more. Try something new. Be the first one to make the effort. (Invite someone out for coffee or vegetarian food that you meet at a race, etc.) Go somewhere by yourself — museum, movie, coffee shop, book club, and TALK TO STRANGERS. Maybe the person that you’ll end up taking to will become your new best friend. For example, I met my friend Beth (@electricsheeple) from a message board. I’ve met tons of people through the internet that ended up becoming good friends in real life.

9 10 2010

Its not my boyfriend. Just a boy who’s a friend. Exactly why I need more GIRL friends. I don’t like living with a boy!!

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