M2M Relay Recap

10 10 2010

Yesterday was awesome. Most EPIC thing I’ve done in a while (or ever??).

The day started out at 5:20 am. I got up made some breakfast and then met one of my teammates downstairs to get everything loaded into the van. For breakfast I had 2 pieces of great harvest bread toast with honey, a banana, and a few swigs of Vegan Vibrance drink.

Once we loaded everyone (4 of whom I’ve never met before) we were off. Our first runner was Tom

Is first leg was 2.77 m, which I swear he did in like 10 minutes because right when we got to the staging area; he was booking it up the hill.

Next up was me for my 4.46m leg. It went pretty good, I was in second at the time and only let 4-5 people pass me (only one was a girl). I”m not sure of my time (didn’t wear my garmin) but it felt like I was flying

third leg was brian

He did 5 hard miles. His pace was probably insanely fast, and we were keeping up there with some of the faster teams

Next up was Mitch. He also ran around 5 miles, and it was a long stretch of just cows and corn.

5th leg was Kristen who is insanely fast. She ran the marathon in 3:40. I envy her 🙂 She did 5.40 miles. She barely looked like she went 1 mile when she was done

Sixth leg was Seirra (who just joined our team at like 10pm friday night) and she did 4.7 miles over rolling gravel hills. She did great!

Seventh leg was Mikayla. She had a straight gravel road of 3.4 miles. It was described as “flat” but the look on her face told otherwise.

Next up was Christena (my chem lab partner) who had 4.5 miles. She rocked it with a pace of 7:50 per/mile.

Now we were back to the beginning with Tom who once again blew it out of the water. He ran a solid 5.4 miles.

Next up was me. I had a 5.5 mile run that I was really dreading. Before the run (after my first) I ate an apple, cliff bar, banana, vega shake (lemonade) and some dried fruit. I did 5.5 with an average pace of 8:21

After that run I was beat. And still had 3.3 left for the day.

After me was Brian who had 3 miles hard of hills, hills, and more hills. And did I mention it was now 85 degrees outside?

After Brian was Mitch again. Who did 3.5 miles of more flat, boring roads. I felt sorry for all the cows he had to look at.

Speedy Kristen was up next with a 3.9 run of more gravel and rolling hills.

Seiera was up for her last leg of 3 miles starting at a ginourmous hill by this golf course. She did great though and handed off to Mikayla at the trail head where we were finally heading towards home.

After a quick stretching break of course

Mikayla did 4.3 miles of a gradual (okay, 600 elevation is not gradual) hill. She really gave it all she had and was pooped at the end of it.

Christen was up for her last time running 3 easy miles on the flat trail. She booked in in probably 23-24

Tom was up for his last time next running 4.14 miles on the trail. It was shaded and it was flat, so of course he booked it.

Then I was up for the last time running 3.3. My stomach was in knots all day and was feeling queasy. I didn’t want to let my team down so I just gave it all I had and really surprised myself. All my miles were under 8 and I felt amazing

After that I was done for. A little while later I refuled with water, dried fruit, banana, Kashi granola bar, and an orange. We were almost home at this point!

I handed off to Brian where he only had 2.7 miles. He was ready to kill that.

Next was Mitch running 2.95 to bring us to our last exchange.

Kristen was so ready for this, she had been dancing and singing in the car. All she had was 3.6 to bring us home for the final exchange where we all would finish together.

I swear she ran that in like 20 minutes, because right when we parked, ran over the bridge, she was busting up the last hill. We all joined together and sprinted across the finish line. Unoffical time of 11:23.

Here’s the team:

All in all it was an amazing day. 7 new friends. 84.3 miles. 11 hours in a van. And me getting under 8 minute miles. I couldn’t wait for a shower and some real food. And eat I did. I had:

Stuffed acorn squash with half a banana, apple, pear

and then snacked on an orange + peanut butter chip larabar during a movie that night. After being up for almost 20 hours I slept pretty good..until 6 that is. Guess I wasn’t that tired?

Today I have yet another race (3 hour bike) with my brother and law plus my dad. Hopefully it’ll loosen my legs. And then I’m buckling down to study for my chemistry test. What a weekend its been 🙂




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10 10 2010

Awesome job!!!

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