Lazy Sundays

17 10 2010


It felt so good this morning to not have to get up for work, or school, or my internship. I could sleep till whenever I wanted..and of course I woke up at 8 after going to bed at 2 a.m. But, alas, it still felt good 🙂

Yesterday I worked, watched NU lose bad, and then went for a glorious 5 miler. 2 miles with the bf and then 3 miles on my own at a 8:35 pace. Me and the bf watched Get him to the Greek and played a lot of board games. Yes, I know we are cool college kids; you don’t have to tell me that 😉

Today I”m running in the Govenor’s Cup 15k. This race was my first race over a 10k last year, and started the “I NEED to run a marathon” streaming in my brain. Its a little special in my heart.

Finish from last year

The race starts at 3 p.m., so I have a little while to do some homework and clean my apartment. My roommate is gone this weekend for Fall Break, and I”m loving living solo. Maybe soon!!

For breakfast I had a GM with banana, spinach, honey, and almond milk, plus 3 pieces of toast, and a grapefruit. Kind of lacking food in this apartment right now, but I”m making due.

Have a great Sunday everyone! I don’t have classes till Wednesday so I”ll be living it up. Or not since I work all day Monday and Tuesday. But, thats life I guess??

PS. I need a winner for my CSN giveaway so the first person to email me at will win. And GO!!!

PPS. I want to race a half marathon in March/April out of state (but semi close to Nebraska) any ideas??




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