Swamp Stomp

23 10 2010


On wednesday this week I decided on a whim to sign up for the Swamp Stomp 8k x-country race in Omaha for Saturday. Since I didn’t have to work, and was going up to Whole Fodds to use all my coupons from the M2M relay, it made since to do a race too, right 😉

The course was VERY hilly and all on trails. I about biffed it on some hidden stairs. I didn’t wear my garmin, or a watch so I was running “naked”.

For breakfast I had an english muffin w/ PB, banana, and some raisins. I also had a swig of coffee at my parents. Bad breakfast choice 😦 I ate it about 1.5 before race time, but it still wasn’t settled.

During the race it felt like I was running 10 minute miles. I was feeling like crap, and the hills were horrible. I was very nervous to see my time. When I came around the last curve and saw the finish line the clock was at 40 minutes!! (my last 5 miles was 42) PR PR PR was running through my head. Official time of 40:30 (took about 9 seconds to get to the start)

My running buddy (who’s also deploying in Jan) ran it in 28 minutes. He’s wicked fast. He even beat some Team Nebraska guys 🙂

We also saw this enormous great dane that I had to take a picture of. He was soo sweet though 🙂

After the race me and my mom hit up whole foods where I got lots of new things to try (including a carrot cake larabar!!!!!) and some siggis. I just ate the orange and ginger flavor. Can you say yum?!?

Now off to a hockey game after the Husker game. Have a great Saturday everyone!




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