ABS Diet (for vegetarians)

27 10 2010


Today has been one crazy day. Woke up at 5:30 a.m. Went into the stadium for my internship, fed a lot of hungry football players then went to Starbucks for a much-needed coffee fix. I had Chemistry from 830-920, fitness class from 930-1020, food sanitation from 11-1150, and journalism reporting from 1230-245 and then I went to the rec for a run + lifting workout. Oh yeah, then I hightailed to the bf’s house. Where I continued to do a massive amount of chem homework 😦

For my workout I did:

2 miles (interval) on the dreadmill

25 minutes of strength training

I ran 8 miles yesterday (in 1:08, PR!) so I took it a little easier on the run today. Plus its like 100 mph winds outside. Which is not fun when you are running.

I bet you’re wondering about the title for this post 😉 Well, here’s the thing, I am not happy with my weight, or figure, so I’ve decided to take action. I don’t have any races coming up (until Nov. 20th, but its only 7 miles) so its the perfect time to get fitter, and thinner.

I”ve always been intrigued by the ABS DIET and love the strength workout in the book, but the diet focuses a lot on meat; and I”m vegetarian so that doesn’t work out to well. So I did what any college kid would do: I spinned it to fit my own needs 😉 Here’s my NEW ABS DIET for Vegetarians:

A lmonds, nuts, & seeds

B eans & legumes

S pinach + other greens

D airy

I nstant oats (or regular oats)

E ggs

T ofu

P eanut butter (or PB2!)

O live oil

W hole grain

E xtra nutrients (like flax, chia seeds, etc.)

R eal fruit (NOT dry)

I”m planning on eating 400 calorie meals, with 200 calorie snacks spread out every 3-4 hours. I won’t be counting every morsel, but since I know quite a bit about calorie counts, and serving sizes; I think I can estimate pretty well. (I hope!)

I also will be starting to strength train 2x a week. In HS I lifted 5 days a week, but in college I have limited workout time and when I have time I always run, but I WILL make time for lifting (please hold me accountable!!!).

I’m also going to try and X-train (yoga, bike, or swim) 2x a week. And maintain 20-25 miles a week of running. And work 2 jobs + homework of course 😉

Here’s to change!! (And sleep, because I”ve been up wayyy too long) Night!




2 responses

1 11 2010
Amber from Girl with the Red Hair

Ooooh this sounds great! I am also vegetarian but look to lose weight before I start race training again. I think if I lose 10 lbs I could really increase my running speed and I figure when I’m NOT race training (i.e. not constantly starving) would be the best time to do it! I’m excited to hear how this new diet works out for you!

2 11 2010

Agreed. So far its going…ok. Over ate this weekend, but I”m working on it :/

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