Need sleep & a foam roller

2 11 2010


So far this week has been full of chemistry, per usual.

On Sunday I was officially done at HyVee, and it was bittersweet. I’m going to miss some of the people, and the atmosphere; but I will definitely not miss cleaning 24/7 or the pay. Trader Joe’s here I come 🙂

Today I did a longer run of 10 miles. I did it in 1:27, which is average pace of 8:41, so not too bad. Felt great, until right now, because I didn’t stretch and have been busy ever since. Going to try and stretch + foam roll before bed.

Lunch today was something that has been in my freezer for wayyy to long. Amy’s Kitchen mac and cheese kids meal

It was actually really good! I don’t know if that was due to the fact that I had just burned 1000+ calories, or I was craving comfort food. Either way: I liked it! Favorite by far was the two little apple turnovers 🙂 I paired it with some strawberries and spinach for some extra greens.

Dinner was a lot of random snacking and fresh pom seeds. Which I somehow ended to get ALL over the wall + myself. But they still tasted yummy.

Well, I”m off to bed. I get to sleep into 6:30, so I’m just a little excited 🙂

PS. I got accepted to be a student blogger for ASN (american society for nutrition) and am just a tad bit nervous/excited. Wish me luck 🙂




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