My first day at Trader Joe’s

6 11 2010


Today was my first day at Trader Joe’s. Let’s just say it was awesome πŸ™‚

Here are 10 ways Trader Joe’s is better than Hy-vee:

1. 10% discount on all purchases

2. I get to wear jeans and a T-shirt (which they gave me 7 of!!)

3. All the food has ZERO preservatives and artificial flavors.

4. You can pronounce all the ingredients

5. No “meat manager” or “frozen manager” only front crew/captains

6. Everyone seemed…nice. Like actually nice, not FAKE!

7. Did I mention I get a discount?

8. 2 weeks in advance schedule. Not like 3 days before

9. Different tasks every couple of hours, so I won’t get bored

10. Oh yeah, did I mention I get a discount πŸ˜‰

As you can see, I’m excited. I have my second day of training tomorrow. They keep saying we will gain 5-10 pounds over the next couple weeks because of “tastings.” I really hope thats not the case, because I’m trying to LOSE not GAIN. More milage then??

I”m off to actually hang out with some girlfriends. Have a great Saturday!!




5 responses

7 11 2010
Simply Life

Whenever I go into TJ’s the staff are always so friendly and always look like they’re having a great time! Congrats!

8 11 2010

Thanks! And yeah, so far the managers are great. All super nice and easy going. Cross your fingers it stays that way πŸ™‚

7 11 2010

When is the official opening date?

8 11 2010

December 3rd!

9 11 2010


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