Chemistry consumes my life

9 11 2010


Right now my brain is playing this on overdrive

I have spent more time thinking about chemistry and being in the chemistry building on campus than I have been in my own apartment. Oh please make it be Thursday at 8 o’clock when this exam is over!!

Workout today was a quick 2 miles + 30 minutes of full body weight lifting

Snack (while studying for an hour at Starbucks) was a PB&Whey bar + Grande Iced Coffee

I needed all the caffeine I could get :/

My fridge is dwindling right now as I have made plans to not go to the store until Trader Joe’s opens. I’m really hoping I’ll make it! For dinner I had a messy yogurt bowl  + 2 carrots + grapefruit. I may have gone back for more granola (and now its gone!)

Well I have a busy day tommorrow and 5:30 since to come way too fast!





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