Living History Farm 7 mile X-country Race

23 11 2010

This past weekend some friends of mine journeyed up to Des Moine, Iowa to take on one of the biggest cross-country race. It was EPIC. And very cold 🙂

The night before we went out to Applebee’s where I got a three dollar discount because I took the shrimp off my under 500 calorie pasta. It was pretty good, spicy with too many onions. But I needed the carbs (in the form of whole wheat pasta!!)

The rest of the night was spent lounging in the hotel room watching Dawn of the Dead

We went to bed fairly late and had to set the alarm for 7 am 😦 I was a little sleepy. Pre-race I had a carrot cake larabar + an apple

I layered on the clothes (it was very cold!) and we headed to the race. Our hotel was only a mile or so away so we warmed up with a quick jog.

As soon as I got there I noticed all the crazy costumes. Lets just say I ran behind 3 guys in just thongs for about 3 miles :/ Here’s my favorite costume:

A cross country team + coach. I didn’t see them after the race, but I’m sure it was interesting going through the creeks (5 of them!)

I decided to run with 2 girlfriends on mine for the race, they don’t run that much so I knew my pace would be slow. I stuck with them for 3 miles before I lost them. (they started walking, I HAD to run)

Here’s a shot of the first tunnel we went through:

In total there was around 8,000 runners. It was HUGE! Almost bigger than the Lincoln Marathon I ran in May. There was also one deer that was stuck in the fenced area. I felt so bad for it!

Throughout the 7 mile race there was 5 creeks, huge hills, and plenty of logs to maneuver around. Here’s one of the hills that required a rope ladder to make it to the top:

(thats not me, my camera died 😦 )

I’m not sure of my time for this race, but I know it was slow and not even close to a PR. I had a ton of fun though, even though I was freezing and covered in mud. I definitely recommend this race to anyone who loves running, trails, mud, and seeing some outrageous costumes. You can see more if you go to the Living History Farm Run website.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone 🙂




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