New Years Resolutions

12 12 2010


I hope I have at least one reader out there! Sorry its been a while, just been whirled up in school, work, life, and being sick 😦

Trader Joe’s has proven to be a great place to work (and shop!) and I’m loving it, but I usually work nights; and my sleep is not liking this! Opening weekend I worked 24 hours, 2-10pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and stayed up well past 1 am all three nights, getting up at 8 the next day of course. I should of known this would weaken my immune system, and boy was I right! Monday night at work I felt a sore throat, and then it just heightened from there. So here I am almost 7 days later still feeling like crap. I haven’t gotten in a good, hard workout since..Tuesday? I can feel the pounds creeping on, and my mind going crazy.

Today I work 2-10pm, like usual, and was hoping to get a workout in before hand. But, then I woke up coughing up a lung, and here’s to ANOTHER rest day. 😦

For breakfast I made oats in a jar, alongside a grapefruit. I’ve been eating oranges and citrus fruits like a mad women just hoping to fight back this cold! Since I’ve been putting of finals, here’s my new years resolutions ( a short list anyway)

  1. Lose 15 pounds (I weighed in a 152 in the doctors the other day. and that is unexceptable!)
  2. 4 hours or less in the Lincoln Marathon
  3. Make some girlfriends!
  4. 2 half-marathons before the full in May
  5. Initiative eating (this one is huge for me)
  6. Get a GOOD haircut (I usually throw my hair in a ponytail, & it usually looks horrible)
  7. One date with my dad a month (this is also huge)
  8. Get back into swimming & yoga (2x per week)
  9. All A’s & B’s second semester (A lot of nutrition classes, & organic chem.)
  10. Be HAPPIER! (need to work on this. big time)
  11. Strength train 2x per week


I hope that the blog world can help me stay accountable (PLEASE!) and that I accomplish at least MOST of these.

Have a great Sunday! I’m off to clean and study 😦




3 responses

12 12 2010

Love these! Good luck and I’ll check in to ensure you’re goals are being met!

12 12 2010

you should of told me I needed to lose weight!! geez

12 12 2010

You don’t need to! But no matter what I say you’ll tell me I’m wrong…

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