What makes me ME

30 12 2010


I am loving break. And Christmas. And sleeping in. And, well that it hasn’t too bad of a winter so far 🙂 (knock on wood)

For christmas I got a lot of fun toys!! Here’s the highlighted list:

1. GIANT bike trainer

2. NOOK color

3. rice cooker + steamer

4. FOOD processer

5. Running belt (with two water bottle holders)

6. GIFT CARDS (for movies, Panera, & the mall)

7. Running spikes for ice (which are neon green!!)

8. Hairspray (the movie)

9. Mama Mia (the movie)

10. A massage!!

11. Runner’s World Calender

There was some other small gifts thrown in, but all in all, Santa (aka Mom/Dad/Sister/Bf) were very nice this year 🙂

I’ve rode a couple times on the trainer, and it is awesome! I’m planning on riding a full review later, once I ride a few more times.

I thought since the New Years is coming up, and since I have already wrote a resolution post, I would mix it up and tell ya’ll a little bit more about myself. I may just be a college student (like the million others) but I think I’m just a wee bit different than most Midwest college girls. And here’s why:

The 10 things that make me different than other college students

1. I don’t drink

2. I am a virgin

3. I’ve never gone to a Frat party

4. I have zero girlfriends (this thing I HATE!!)

5. I’d rather go to bed early on a Friday night & get up early to go run

6. My idea of fun is being active

7. I hate fake compliments

8. I read healthy living blogs

9. I want to do the Amazing Race

10. I hate my college

There is plenty of other ones out there, but I know I’m different from most kids my age. I wake up on a Saturday and remember every detail from the night before. I don’t think of New Years Eve as a time to get wasted. I hate being lazy (most of the time). I buy groupons for new gyms; not the mall. There may be other college students out there like me, & I wish I could meet them, but I guess thats life right? Or maybe I’m just in the wrong state. I’ll never know I guess, but I guess that is what makes me ME.

How are you different?





8 responses

30 12 2010

I’m still torn about the paperback vs ereader thing… I got a Kindle for Christmas as well and I’m blowing through enough books where my bank account is taking a serious hit. It’s too easy!

I love your list of how you’re different from the typical college kid – I’m a senior at uni, and at the end of last year completely changed my lifestyle. My picking up running (and also a tough semester) eliminated drinking – except for maybe once or twice a month – which ended up hurting some of my friendships. The ones who stuck around, though, those were the keepers. 🙂 There’s definitely still the pressure to drink, but we’ll watch a movie earlier on in the night and then some of them will go off to whatever bar or party they were planning on, with me happily in bed. I’ve never felt better and kinda wish I had started this health/fitness kick years ago! Better now than later, though.

Happy new years!

30 12 2010

neon green! way to go Santa! I’ve been thought about getting a trainer but there’s not much room for a bike in my living room. is it very loud?

p.s. it’s not necessarily a bad thing to be different 🙂 except for that last one…GO BIG RED! 😉

31 12 2010

the one I have is pretty quiet. My dad got it from Cycle works. Do you go to UNL?

4 01 2011

no, but I’ve been stuck in this “lovely” town my whole life so far…

5 01 2011

me too 😦 but after college I’m getting out!

5 01 2011

I’m a drinker with a running problem. 🙂

14 02 2011

wow, just read your 10 things about how your different than other college kids and ALL of them are exactly what i would have put. were basically twins!

14 02 2011

oh wow, i guess we must meet then! lol. I’m glad I’m not the only one!!

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