Valentines Day

14 02 2011

Happy valentines day everyone!!

My day started bright and early with a 5:00 oclock wake up call. I volunteer at Husker Performance 4 days a week (sports nutrition) and Monday is my super early day. After walking around the stadium for 2 hours (being a slave to the FB players) I headed to my nutrition class, then organic chemistry class. And then I was done for the day!

I usually work Monday’s, but had the day off due to working both Saturday and Sunday for the Fearless Flyer’s premier. (I work at Trader Joe’s)

Today, has not been good eating wise. I’m definetely not loving on my body on valentines day. So far I’ve had:

a TJ sesame bagel


diet dew

small apple

small banana muffin

small cookie (!)

fruit x2

I’ve been a snacking machine!!! I plan on going for a five mile run as soon as my homework is finished to run it off. hopefully.

Last week was the  big 3 5 in running miles/week and I can feel it for sure!!

Have a great valentines day everyone!





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