Being 20

9 10 2011

Wow. its been awhile. Here’s what has happened recently since my last post


I drank my first beer

I broke up with my 3+ year boyfriend

I cried way too many nights

I worked full-time for an entire summer

I cut my bangs

I got almost-drunk

I danced with a random guy at a club

I realized I have no idea what I want to do when I graduate

I realized all I want to do is travel

I’m going to climb Kilimanjaro in 2012

I have felt more alone in the last couple months than I have my entire life

I flew solo to see my family

I moved in with roommates

During these past couple months, I have grown, changed, and started to find the real “me.” I’m not your average 20 year  old college girl. I don’t care about Husker football, I don’t like the taste of beer, and I don’t have a group of girlfriends that I can tell anything too. I’m not pretty, skinny, funny, or anything like that. But, I do have a big heart. I would go to the end of the road for anyone. I have big dreams (most fitness related) and I realized that thats all that matters. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone by being someone I’m not. Even if that means doing everything on my own, so be it, and least I’ll know I did it. I would love to be able to pour my feelings into someone else, but right now, thats not the case. I’ll keep them inside until I  can’t anymore.

Ok, over the emotional paragraph. I’m desperately in need of a shower after work, a indoor training ride, and work again. Off to study, sleep, shower, eat; repeat.





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