Me and my two friends after Adventure Omaha (I'm in the middle)

Welcome to I ran. And I liked it! (Title may of been inspired by Katie Perry’s song)  My names Laura & I’m a college sophomore at the University of Nebraska Lincoln majoring in Dietetic-Journalism & Nutrition, Exercise, & Health Science. My goal after graduation is to get my R.D., and become a sports nutrition writer for a magazine publication (aka Runner’s World).

I started reading blogs about 2 years ago and finally got the nerve to start my own. I’m just a girl living in Nebraska going to college whos trying to keep healthy & thin while studying, working, and having fun.

I am a big dreamer and have a lot of goals in life. I really want to see the world & move around a lot once college is over. I just know the world is much bigger than a bunch of cornfields 🙂

I LOVE doing road races. So far I’ve done a lot of 5ks, 10ks, 15k, marathon, dualtholon, Great Urban Race Chicago, & Adventure Omaha. My goal is to do a race in all the fifty states & overseas. So far I’ve got two: Nebraska & Illinois

After the Great Urban Race Chicago in 2010

One of my senior pictures

Finishing my first marathon in 2010

Biking in my first triathlon

Feel free to ask me any questions! Or contact me at <laura.smith12@huskers.unl.edu>


6 responses

30 07 2010

your fifty state goal is great – I know you’ll make it!
One think I loved about cycling was the organization I rode under, rusa.otg, had “rides” in so many states.

30 07 2010

thank you!! I really hope I get it too. 🙂 And I”ll have to check into that.

25 09 2010
Amber from Girl with the Red Hair

What your going to school for is VERY cool!! I have my journalism degree but I would have loved to have the option to do nutrition and exercise too!

27 09 2010

Thanks! Its weird, but like no one has actually completed this degree. You have to take a lot of hours, but hopefully I get my dream job out of it. I can dream right??

14 12 2010

Thanks! its nice a profile.

14 12 2010


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