What makes me ME

30 12 2010


I am loving break. And Christmas. And sleeping in. And, well that it hasn’t too bad of a winter so far 🙂 (knock on wood)

For christmas I got a lot of fun toys!! Here’s the highlighted list:

1. GIANT bike trainer

2. NOOK color

3. rice cooker + steamer

4. FOOD processer

5. Running belt (with two water bottle holders)

6. GIFT CARDS (for movies, Panera, & the mall)

7. Running spikes for ice (which are neon green!!)

8. Hairspray (the movie)

9. Mama Mia (the movie)

10. A massage!!

11. Runner’s World Calender

There was some other small gifts thrown in, but all in all, Santa (aka Mom/Dad/Sister/Bf) were very nice this year 🙂

I’ve rode a couple times on the trainer, and it is awesome! I’m planning on riding a full review later, once I ride a few more times.

I thought since the New Years is coming up, and since I have already wrote a resolution post, I would mix it up and tell ya’ll a little bit more about myself. I may just be a college student (like the million others) but I think I’m just a wee bit different than most Midwest college girls. And here’s why:

The 10 things that make me different than other college students

1. I don’t drink

2. I am a virgin

3. I’ve never gone to a Frat party

4. I have zero girlfriends (this thing I HATE!!)

5. I’d rather go to bed early on a Friday night & get up early to go run

6. My idea of fun is being active

7. I hate fake compliments

8. I read healthy living blogs

9. I want to do the Amazing Race

10. I hate my college

There is plenty of other ones out there, but I know I’m different from most kids my age. I wake up on a Saturday and remember every detail from the night before. I don’t think of New Years Eve as a time to get wasted. I hate being lazy (most of the time). I buy groupons for new gyms; not the mall. There may be other college students out there like me, & I wish I could meet them, but I guess thats life right? Or maybe I’m just in the wrong state. I’ll never know I guess, but I guess that is what makes me ME.

How are you different?



Punch Kettleball Gym

21 12 2010

My mom loves groupons. Every time she sees one she thinks I’ll like she sends it my way seeing if I’d like to buy one. Since break is on, I get bored just a little too easily. I work 20-24 hours a week at Trader Joe’s, but there is plenty of time left in the day. Long story short, here’s the latest groupon I bought:

Punch Kettlebell Gym is fairly new to Lincoln. The trainer I had today said they just opened in March. This was the first time I had heard about it, so I was a little nervous. I will start marathon training in 3 short weeks, but my strength regime has definitely fallen off the wayside. I could feel that today as I struggled (and sweated) through the 55 minute class.

I woke up at 7:55 am and had a pre-workout breakfast of a sesame bagel from TJ’s, PB, and a banana.

I then headed to the Kettlebell gym where I signed in, filled out some paperwork, and began the workout. For warm-up I did 2 minutes of jump rope, forearm stretches with these weird club things, and walking around the gym with a kettlebell. That was the easy part.

inside the gym

Then the workout started. I did a lot of squats, lunges, swinging the kettlebell, dumbbell, and lunges. I also was having some trouble with the pengilium swing where you use your hips as momentum instead of your shoulders. I think I finally mastered that, about twenty minutes later.

The kettlebell swing

The hardest part was their “treadmill” basically it was two long ropes that were heavy, and you got in a squat position and swung them, kind of like a snake-like motion. It was hard. Like really hard.

By these time (like 50 minutes in) I was drenched. The trainer was really nice, and asked about my background of running and such. He thought the workout would be easy for me, but I hardly ever strength train, so this was just a little A LOT challenging 😉

For the end of the workout we did 4 sets of 20 seconds each of three exercises:

1. jump rope

2. Kettlebell swings

3. “treadmill” ropes

It was so hard! I can run 6 miles and feel awesome. After these 4 sets, I was dying. Holy cow! They do this 4x 20 seconds at the end of each class at Punch Kettlebell.

Supposedly this idea of high intense exercises for 20 seconds each, with 10 seconds of rest, will burn as much calories as 30 minutes running at 8 min/mile. I don’t know if this is actually true at all, but I did work up a sweat. So we will see.

All in all I loved this workout today! The groupon is good for 6 weeks (until Feb) so I plan on using it 3-4 times a week (non consecutive days) and hopefully will see an improvement in my running and maybe lose some weight. Of course I need to work on my diet too, but this has to help!

Do you think 3-4 times a week is beneficial? I would go everyday to get my money’s worth, but I know that running needs to become a priority, and to not strength train every day of the week. Opinions?

After I got back to the apartment, I scarfed down a kiwi, TJ’s honey greek yogurt + some cereal with a spoonful of PB. My dad was coming over for a bike ride, so I headed out to meet him.

The bike ride was freeeezing! When we headed out, the wind was behind us so I felt great. After the turn around (5 miles) the wind was against us, and that was when my hands, face and feet went numb! Luckily, my dad tried to be a wind breaker, but it didn’t help that much :/

All in all we did 10.25 miles in under an hour. So, not that fast, but pretty good considering my legs were a little shaky from the workout at Punch.

Now I’m just relaxing until work. I work 4-12 am, so its going to be a long day. I picked up an extra shift to get some more hours in today. I don’t work tomorrow so I’m planning on a 6 miler and then going to a christmas party 🙂

Have a great Tuesday everyone! Christmas is soo close 🙂


Xmas break!

18 12 2010


I am offically a 2nd semester sophomore. 3 down…oh too many to go 😉

Now that I have 3 weeks to not study anything, I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. Oh, yeah I do:

1. Run

2. X-train

3. Work at TJ’s

4. Relax

Sounds about right. This morning I went grocery shopping with my mom, at Trader Joe’s of course, and finally have a full refridgerator. I got lots of fruit, veggies, greek yogurt, bagels, sprouted bread, bagel chips, nuts, and Joe Joes for the bf.

After we got back I ran 6 miles in 53:50. Its been awhile since I ran over 4 (2 weeks maybe?) since I”ve been sick, so this felt awesome!

Came back and had a big salad with frozen veggies, hummus, bagel chips (2x), sunflower seeds, mixed nuts, and hummus. One the side I had a mini-fruit bowl. Desert was an Joe Joe.

Pre-run I had a Cashew Cookie Larabar + clementine.

I’m off to work from 3-11pm. I have tomorrow off and I can’t wait 🙂

Have  a great saturday everyone!

New Years Resolutions

12 12 2010


I hope I have at least one reader out there! Sorry its been a while, just been whirled up in school, work, life, and being sick 😦

Trader Joe’s has proven to be a great place to work (and shop!) and I’m loving it, but I usually work nights; and my sleep is not liking this! Opening weekend I worked 24 hours, 2-10pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and stayed up well past 1 am all three nights, getting up at 8 the next day of course. I should of known this would weaken my immune system, and boy was I right! Monday night at work I felt a sore throat, and then it just heightened from there. So here I am almost 7 days later still feeling like crap. I haven’t gotten in a good, hard workout since..Tuesday? I can feel the pounds creeping on, and my mind going crazy.

Today I work 2-10pm, like usual, and was hoping to get a workout in before hand. But, then I woke up coughing up a lung, and here’s to ANOTHER rest day. 😦

For breakfast I made oats in a jar, alongside a grapefruit. I’ve been eating oranges and citrus fruits like a mad women just hoping to fight back this cold! Since I’ve been putting of finals, here’s my new years resolutions ( a short list anyway)

  1. Lose 15 pounds (I weighed in a 152 in the doctors the other day. and that is unexceptable!)
  2. 4 hours or less in the Lincoln Marathon
  3. Make some girlfriends!
  4. 2 half-marathons before the full in May
  5. Initiative eating (this one is huge for me)
  6. Get a GOOD haircut (I usually throw my hair in a ponytail, & it usually looks horrible)
  7. One date with my dad a month (this is also huge)
  8. Get back into swimming & yoga (2x per week)
  9. All A’s & B’s second semester (A lot of nutrition classes, & organic chem.)
  10. Be HAPPIER! (need to work on this. big time)
  11. Strength train 2x per week


I hope that the blog world can help me stay accountable (PLEASE!) and that I accomplish at least MOST of these.

Have a great Sunday! I’m off to clean and study 😦

Living History Farm 7 mile X-country Race

23 11 2010

This past weekend some friends of mine journeyed up to Des Moine, Iowa to take on one of the biggest cross-country race. It was EPIC. And very cold 🙂

The night before we went out to Applebee’s where I got a three dollar discount because I took the shrimp off my under 500 calorie pasta. It was pretty good, spicy with too many onions. But I needed the carbs (in the form of whole wheat pasta!!)

The rest of the night was spent lounging in the hotel room watching Dawn of the Dead

We went to bed fairly late and had to set the alarm for 7 am 😦 I was a little sleepy. Pre-race I had a carrot cake larabar + an apple

I layered on the clothes (it was very cold!) and we headed to the race. Our hotel was only a mile or so away so we warmed up with a quick jog.

As soon as I got there I noticed all the crazy costumes. Lets just say I ran behind 3 guys in just thongs for about 3 miles :/ Here’s my favorite costume:

A cross country team + coach. I didn’t see them after the race, but I’m sure it was interesting going through the creeks (5 of them!)

I decided to run with 2 girlfriends on mine for the race, they don’t run that much so I knew my pace would be slow. I stuck with them for 3 miles before I lost them. (they started walking, I HAD to run)

Here’s a shot of the first tunnel we went through:

In total there was around 8,000 runners. It was HUGE! Almost bigger than the Lincoln Marathon I ran in May. There was also one deer that was stuck in the fenced area. I felt so bad for it!

Throughout the 7 mile race there was 5 creeks, huge hills, and plenty of logs to maneuver around. Here’s one of the hills that required a rope ladder to make it to the top:

(thats not me, my camera died 😦 )

I’m not sure of my time for this race, but I know it was slow and not even close to a PR. I had a ton of fun though, even though I was freezing and covered in mud. I definitely recommend this race to anyone who loves running, trails, mud, and seeing some outrageous costumes. You can see more if you go to the Living History Farm Run website.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone 🙂

I’m Alive..promise!!

18 11 2010


Wow, its been awhile. Hopefully I still have at least…one reader 🙂

Here’s what I”ve been doing lately:


Working at Trader Joe’s (WHICH ROCKS)

Running/working out (I actually swam last week!)

Eating my body weight in raisins

Trying to come up with like 3 final projects due in 2 weeks :/

Today I ran 5.6 miles on the dreadmill while watching Russell Brand on Racheal Ray, it made it actually bearable. I did some interval sprints, and some incline at 12.0. After I was going to lift, but the weight room was closed, so I did some abs + pushups and called it a day.

For lunch I actually cooked something!!! (While cooking I snacked on a grapefruit) Here’s what the mess contained:

brown rice




frozen veggies

tablespoon of marina

LOTS of spices + sea salt

Yummy!!! The brown rice was microwavable, which is kind of cheating, but it works for me 🙂

I’m off to get ready for chem. recitation. Have a great day everyone 🙂

PS. Wish me luck as I run the Living History Farm Run this weekend, I’m a little nervous!!

Chemistry consumes my life

9 11 2010


Right now my brain is playing this on overdrive

I have spent more time thinking about chemistry and being in the chemistry building on campus than I have been in my own apartment. Oh please make it be Thursday at 8 o’clock when this exam is over!!

Workout today was a quick 2 miles + 30 minutes of full body weight lifting

Snack (while studying for an hour at Starbucks) was a PB&Whey bar + Grande Iced Coffee

I needed all the caffeine I could get :/

My fridge is dwindling right now as I have made plans to not go to the store until Trader Joe’s opens. I’m really hoping I’ll make it! For dinner I had a messy yogurt bowl  + 2 carrots + grapefruit. I may have gone back for more granola (and now its gone!)

Well I have a busy day tommorrow and 5:30 since to come way too fast!