Food reviews

Here is where I’ll review a new food every week. Have any suggestions?

Sunflower Seed Butter

Since becoming vegetarian, I have started to eat A LOT of peanut butter. I recently, while stocking shelves at the Hy-Vee health market, came across sunflower seed butter. I’ve always been interested in trying it, and seeing that it had a higher NuVal score than regular PB; I decided to give it a try. Upon opening the jar, it is the same as regular PB without added oils. I stirred for a good while (after begging the bf to help me) and dug right in. The texture is different than PB in that its a little creamier, but I loved tasting sunflower seeds. I’ve enjoyed mixing up my regular PB&Js for SB&Js and will try and keep this on hand. Give it a try next time your PB jar runs out 🙂

Organic Z-bar

PA120004I picked this up from Hy-vee this weekend. The cliff kid organic Z-bar is made with all organic ingredients and is for growing kids. It also is whole grain. I got this because it was Halloween edition! I thought it was good size for calorie amount (130) and didn’t have too much fat (3.5, 1.5 saturated) It tasted good, with little bits of chocolate. The other problem I had with it was the aftertaste of soy. I much prefer larabars because they are more natural. But, it was good and I would get another one (before Halloween of course!!)

KIND bar


I love bars with healthy ingredients and have always wanted to try a KIND bar since I seen them in blog world all the time. I finally picked one up and tried the KIND apricot & almond bar. At first the bars look really greasy, but after looking at the ingredients you realize it is from all of the healthy fats. This kind had 170 calories and 11 grams of fat. The bar was very crunchy and satisfying. I really like the whole almonds. It kept me full for a long time too, since I had not eaten much of anything that night. I would for sure try another KIND bar. A+!!

Organic Z bar Honey Graham


The organic Z bar line for kids is a healthy alternative to other bars, such as nutrigrain. I really enjoy these, and pick them up when they are on sale. The honey graham flavor is really good! It does have that soy taste to it, but that is expected. This bar has 130 calories and 2 grams of fat, .5 saturated. It also has 3 grams each of protein and fiber. It does not have any HFS or transfat and the first ingredient is organic rolled oats. I really enjoy these bars and love them in a yogurt bowl!

Tropical Fruit Tart Larabar


I love all larabars. They are healthy, natural, and really tasty. And, my name is laura, so it makes perfect sense! I have tried all of the flavors so far except a few, and this was my first time trying the tropical fruit tart kinda. This kind is made with dates, pineapple, coconut, almonds, extra virgin coconut oil, cashews, orange peel, and orange juice concentrate. You can really taste the coconut! This bar was very good, but had a lot of saturated fat (7 grams) compared to some other bars. It also had 210 calories. This bar tasted very good, and took the edge off of my hunger! My only problem was the high amount of saturated fat, but other than that, Larabar made another winner!

Brown Cow greek yogurt

If you have ever read my blog, you know I love yogurt, especially greek yogurt! The other day I was in super Walmart and saw these 0% blueberry 100 calorie greek yogurts; I had to try them! These are the perfect size for an afternoon snack and fill you up! The blueberries are found at the bottom, and you have to stir them up. The calorie size is good for a snack (100) and do not have very much sugar (around 13 grams) but most of that is from the blueberries. I would buy this again for sure!

Rachel’s Exotic Pomegranate Blueberry

So I pretty much love yogurt, especially greek yogurt and all natural yogurt. I found this yogurt at a health market a while ago, and just had to give it a try. Rachel’s yogurt is an all-natural yogurt with Omega-3’s, calcium, protein, and probiotics. This kind, blueberry pomegranate was awesome! Two really good fruits blended together to be pretty much amazing. The nutrition stats aren’t bad either, there was 150 calories, 2.5 grams of fat (1.5 saturated) and 8 grams of protein. The constancy was a little “soupy”, but really good flavor. I would for sure buy more of this brand!

Arts original blend Pro-Bar

I have seen Pro-bars in the blog world for a long time, but just today saw them in the Union, and knew I had to try one. Pro-Bars are supposed to be meal replacement bars, and they are correct in saying that. I had not had lunch yet and was starving, so I gave one a try. This kind had 370 calories (kind of high) and 18 grams of total fat. That seems like a lot, but remember, they are meal replacements. The texture is kind of like a Larabar, and so is the taste. I really liked the whole almonds and raisins in it, and it settled in my stomach like a rock! This bar kept me full for around 3 hours, which is really good from a bar. I highly recommend this and will gladly try another one 🙂


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