11 goals for 2011

31 12 2010

Evening..or morning?

I just got off work at Trader Joe’s and of course I’m not tired. So what do I do? Stuff myself with Ginger cats and dried fruit. Its a problem, I know :/

Today I finally ran 7 miles with my buddy before he leaves for Iraq 😦 I’m sure gonna miss my running buddy!!

So here it is, my 11 goals for 2011

1. Lose 10-15 pounds

2. Beat 4 hours in the Lincoln Marathon

3. Do a triathlon

4. Get better at initiutive eating

5. Go on a trip

6. Start saving in my “Europe” fund

7. Get all A’s & B’s in Spring semester + fall semester

8. Make some girlfriends

9. have more FUN

10. Blog more 😉

11. Strength train 2-3x per week

Of course there is other “smaller” goals. But, those are the big ones. Unedited of course 🙂

What are your goals for 2011??

Have a great New Years Eve!!!




3 responses

1 01 2011
David H.

Very nice goals for the year! Looking forward to seeing you beat them.

2 01 2011

me too 🙂

5 01 2011

Great goals! Mine are:

1) Eat more fruit and veggies and less junk
2) Complete a 30-day yoga challenge in January
3) Run the half marathon!
4) Pay down debt
5) Start and stick to a cash budget
6) Get my blog going

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